Process of Joining

Phi Sigma Sigma ensures the long-term survival of our beloved Fraternity is to recruit, retain and empower women who share the ritual and values consistent with the vision of our Founders. We seek loyal, independent, honest women who are looking to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. 

With its open motto being 'Aim High', Phi Sigma Sigma encourages its members to set and attain their goals.  We strongly believe that as a Phi Sigma Sigma, you make lifelong friendships while you grow as an individual. The Fraternity is committed to its three core values: lifelong learning, inclusiveness and leadership through service. These core values distinguish the ideal Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our activities and become ingrained in our character. They make Phi Sigma Sigma unique because these values can be applied to each path you take and every experience you have during your lifetime! 

Our sisters always remember its well-known saying, "Once a Phi Sigma Sigma, always a Phi Sigma Sigma!"